Turmkonzept GmbH

Tower and Foundation Design for tall and small wind energy converter.


Foundation Design


Gravity Foundation

Gravity foundations are the most common solution to fix the tower in the ground. The size and the cost are depending from the loads of the tower and the soil conditions. Normative national annexes may cause additional adjustments of the design.

My aim is to develop an economically attractive and cost-optimized foundation. The required material will be reduced to the limit, without compromising in any way security. Local available materials and realistic concrete strength class will be considered. Savings of up to € 40,000 per foundation have been realized.



- Dimensioning extreme loads acc. to DIN EN 1992-1-1
- Dimensioning fatigue loads acc. to DIN EN 1992-1-1 and CEP-FIP Model Code 19990
- Adjustments of the design according to national annexes of EN 1992-1-1
- Dimensioning of all anchorage parts
- Manufacturing drawings of foundation an anchorage parts
- Bending Schedule with all masses and volumes - Certificaton and approval
- Optimization according to local soil conditions
- Optimization according to local available building material
- Pile foundations