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Tower and Foundation Design for tall and small wind energy converter.


Lattice Tower

Vergleich Gitter Rohr

Lattice vs Tubular Steel and Concrete Tower

Lattice tower have advantages compared to tubular steel and conrete towers.
The cost are below the level of the concrete but above the tubular steel.
The steel tower is cheaper if the required hub height can be achieved without obstacles.
A lattice tower is always possible, every turbine with every hub height can use it.
The bearing capacity can be adjusted to every load by combining of multible profiles in the corner legs.
The lattice tower is perfect suited to exceptional hub heights.

Mühlen in Indien


- Dimensioning extreme loads acc. to DIN18800 or EC3
- Dimensioning fatigue loads acc. to DIN EN 1993-1-9
- Dimensioning of the bolt connections
- Frequency calculations
- Input files for load calculation
- design of the foundations
- design of the adapter to the yaw bearing
- Optimization according to local available building material
- Certification and approval