Turmkonzept GmbH

Tower and Foundation Design for tall and small wind energy converter.


Tower Design


Tubular Steel Tower

The tubular steel tower is the standard tower of turbines up to 3.5 MW and up to 100m hub height.
This design is most cost efficient and nearly everywhere available.
You find suitable production sites to roll the tubes and weld them together all over the world.


I am designing towers for wind turbines since 17 years.
More than 5000 tubular steel tower for turbines up to 3.3 MW, based on my designs, are build up.
I got insights in the development process of the whole turbine.



The verifications are by means of analytical computation and FEM (Finite Element Method). The guidelines of "Germanischer Lloyd" and "Deutschen Institutes für Bautechnik" and national and international standarts like DIN18800 und EC3 are basis of the calculations.

I am experienced with all well-known certifcation companies like Germanischer Lloyd, TÜV Nord, TÜV Süd and DEWI OCC.
You will get all verifications and documents you will need to certify your tower from me.


My special service is to optimize the openings and the flange connections.
I find the optimized dimensions with self developed calculation application, which enable me to investigate many different designs. This does not only reduces the cost of the door frames itself, also the thickness of the tower shell is reduced.



- Dimensioning extreme loads acc. to DIN18800 or EC3
- Dimensioning fatigue loads acc. to EC3 und IIEW,nominal and local stress concepts
- Dimensioning of tower shells
- Dimensioning of door / ventilation openings
- Flange design
- Bolt calculations
- Design of the anchoring parts
- Calculation of the frequency
- Lateral oscillation
- Drawings for certification
- Optimization of excisting designs
- Top flange design under considering of yaw bearing deformations
- Imperfect flange connections